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Salt shaker – Cater2uSF house salt



Brand: Cater2uSF Salt Shaker
Ingredients: Pink Himalaya’s Salt, dried herbs, lemon zest, peppercorn blend, and other spices
Best for: Vegan, Vegetarian
Made in: USA

Recyclable packaging, dairy-free, kosher, soy-free, environment, cruelty-free 

Weight: 6.2 oz & 12.5 oz (Wet Spices)



A little dash of Cater2uSF house salt goes with everything. This mix takes pure Pink Himalayan Salt roasted garlic and fresh ground peppercorn blend is a whole nother level. We know this might sound like a bit much, it’s just salt, right? So if you’ve never tried it yet, trust us every dish is calling for this!


Additional information

Weight (Ounces)

6.2, 12.5


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