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Shop from us some of the best spices made by Chef Rhonda and her team. We ship to all states within the United States of America.

Salt shaker – Cater2uSF house salt

A little dash of Cater2uSF house salt goes with everything. This mix takes pure Pink Himalayan Salt roasted garlic and fresh ground peppercorn blend is a whole nother level. We know this might sound like a bit much, it's just salt right? So if you've never tried it yet, trust us every dish is calling for this!

Momma’s VooDoo Magic

Cater2uSF's Creole Spice is hand blended for use on meat, seafood, vegetables, salads, eggs and even soups! Sprinkle anytime for the perfect Creole twist in your food. Our no salt Creole Spice is a healthier alternative to other creole seasonings.
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Cater2uSF’s T-Shirt

Cater2uSF’s T Shirt A classic regular-fit tees featuring all-cotton construction, a round neckline and short-sleeves for comfort.